The SVG.js docs are built upon Kirby with the KDoc theme.


You'll need:

  • PHP 5.4+
  • Node.js

Getting started

  1. Download or clone the repo and switch to the source branch.

  2. Run npm install. This is only required the first time.

  3. Run npm run serve -s which will open up your default browser with the docs running.


Log in to Kirby on localhost:8008/panel using username svgjs and password svgjs.

The text editors in Kirby are Markdown and Kirbytext enabled.

Pull Requests

If you're not a core collaborator on svgdotjs, fork the source branch, make the required changes in Kirby following the same style as the rest of the docs, and create a PR. We will take care of the rest, so no need to build or include a static version.

Building the static version

  1. Go to localhost:8008/statify.php in a web browser to run the build. The static files will be generated at static at the root of the repo.

  2. Move the static folder out of the repo (e.g. your Desktop).

  3. Commit and push the changes in the source branch and switch to the master branch.

  4. Replace everything in the master branch with the contents of the static folder.

  5. Commit and push the changes in the master branch and you're done!
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