returns SVG.Polyine which inherits from SVG.Shape

The polyline element defines a set of connected straight line segments. Typically, polyline elements define open shapes:

// polyline('x,y x,y x,y')
var polyline = draw.polyline('0,0 100,50 50,100').fill('none').stroke({ width: 1 })

Polyline strings consist of a list of points separated by spaces: x,y x,y x,y.

As an alternative an array of points will work as well:

// polyline([[x,y], [x,y], [x,y]])
var polyline = draw.polyline([[0,0], [100,50], [50,100]]).fill('none').stroke({ width: 1 })


returns SVG.PointArray

References the SVG.PointArray instance. This method is rather intended for internal use:



returns itself
animate yes

Polylines can be updated using the plot() method:

polyline.plot([[0,0], [100,50], [50,100], [150,50], [200,50]])

The plot() method can also be animated:

polyline.animate(3000).plot([[0,0], [100,50], [50,100], [150,50], [200,50], [250,100], [300,50], [350,50]])
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