returns SVG.Polygon which inherits from SVG.Shape

The polygon element, unlike the polyline element, defines a closed shape consisting of a set of connected straight line segments:

// polygon('x,y x,y x,y')
var polygon = draw.polygon('0,0 100,50 50,100').fill('none').stroke({ width: 1 })

Polygon strings are exactly the same as polyline strings. There is no need to close the shape as the first and last point will be connected automatically.


returns SVG.PointArray

References the SVG.PointArray instance. This method is rather intended for internal use:



returns itself
animate yes

Like polylines, polygons can be updated using the plot() method:

polygon.plot([[0,0], [100,50], [50,100], [150,50], [200,50]])

The plot() method can also be animated:

polygon.animate(3000).plot([[0,0], [100,50], [50,100], [150,50], [200,50], [250,100], [300,50], [350,50]])
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