returns SVG.Bare which inherits from SVG.Element

For all SVG elements that are not described by SVG.js, the SVG.Bare class comes in handy. This class inherits directly from SVG.Element and makes it possible to add custom methods in a separate namespace without polluting the main SVG.Element namespace. Consider it your personal playground.


returns SVG.Bare

The SVG.Bare class can be instantiated with the element() method on any parent element:

var element = draw.element('title')

The string value passed as the first argument is the node name that should be generated.

Additionally, any existing class name can be passed as the second argument to define from which class the element should inherit:

var element = draw.element('symbol', SVG.Parent)

This gives you as the user a lot of power. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


returns itself

The SVG.Bare instance carries an additional method to add plain text:

var element = draw.element('title').words('This is a title.')
//-> <title>This is a title.</title>
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