returns object

The current situation of an animation is stored in the situation object:

rect.animate(3000).move(100, 100)
rect.fx.situation //-> everything is in here

Available values are:

  • start (start time as a number in milliseconds)
  • play (animation playing or not; true or false)
  • pause (time when the animation was last paused)
  • duration (the chosen duration of the animation)
  • ease (the chosen easing calculation)
  • finish (start + duration)
  • loop (the current loop; counting down if a number; true, false or a number)
  • loops (if a number, the total number loops; true, false or a number)
  • reverse (whether or not the animation should run backwards)
  • reversing (true if the loop is currently reversing, otherwise false)


returns SVG.Element

The target method returns the element the animation is applied to: // returns rect
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