Method chain

Note that the animate() method will not return the targeted element but an instance of SVG.FX which will take the following methods:

Of course attr():

rect.animate().attr({ fill: '#f03' })

The x(), y() and move() methods:

rect.animate().move(100, 100)

And the cx(), cy() and center() methods:

rect.animate().center(200, 200)

If you include the sugar.js module, fill(), stroke(), rotate(), skew(), scale(), matrix(), opacity(), radius() will be available as well:

rect.animate().rotate(45).skew(25, 0)

You can also animate non-numeric unit values using the attr() method:

rect.attr('x', '10%').animate().attr('x', '50%')


All available ease types are:

  • <>: ease in and out
  • >: ease out
  • <: ease in
  • -: linear
  • =: external control
  • a function

For the latter, here is an example of the default <> function:

function(pos) { return (-Math.cos(pos * Math.PI) / 2) + 0.5 }

For more easing equations, have a look at the svg.easing.js plugin.

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